A Venture Capital Grand Slam Strikes Out

"This book is better than any Dilbert....It includes not only the "Bailing" but provides ideas about how to make the organization better. The book could save your organization, and just possibly your sanity." Dr. Barry Posner, bestselling co-author of The Leadership Challenge.

“Bailing Out the Company Canoe gives you a rare and unique inside view of a dot-com demise from startup to finish, chronicled by 16 employees who gave it life but were powerless to stop its inept Founder from killing it before it could walk. You'll learn more about management from the personal accounts in Bailing Out the Company Canoe than from any academic case-study!” Marilyn Haight, author of Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Boss? 13 Types and How to Survive Them.


Bailing Out the Company Canoe is written from the perspectives of former employees of a start-up company who describe their work experience and then offer productivity boosting advice to the boss. It is a management book full of specific tactics and countless bullet points to help bosses and managers excel. It was written by strong, experienced employees who want their boss to read and apply its lessons. If you want help in improving the workplace and focusing your smart employees on reaching company goals, Bailing is the book for you.