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PERSONAL CONTENT: Personal stories, observations and artistic creations concerning the office, the company, the economy, networking, pastimes, friends, time-off, investment strategies, real estate strategies, types of people at work, getting fired, not getting fired. Feel free to make recommendations also for new Awards, or for new Dartboards. Vice Presidents Anonymous will not post submissions on these subjects, however, if they include the names of specific companies, businesses, or individuals.

PUBLICLY AVAILABLE CONTENT: Publicly available books, articles, movie reviews, book reviews, You-tubes, GIFs, songs, playlists, photos, business memorabilia, obituaries which have the names of specific companies and individuals may also be contributed. The conditions under which these may be posted on the Website are in the Terms of Use.

FORMAT: Members may submit personal stories, essays, articles, investment and real estate strategies, book reviews, movie reviews, pictures, photos, songs, You-tubes, GIFs, poems, and aphorisms. Members may also submit publicly available books, articles, You-tubes, GIFs, songs, photos, business memorabilia, obituaries. The conditions under which these may be posted on the Website are in the Terms of Use.

See the CONTENT DETAILS and FORMAT DETAILS sections below for suggestions.


Members are encouraged to be anonymous and to submit material via an anonymous email address or other method that preserves anonymity.

By submitting content a Member certifies that he or she has read the Terms of Use and has agreed to them.

By submitting personal content a Member certifies ownership of it. If the personal content is not owned by the Member it cannot be posted.

By submitting personal content a Member provides VPA a perpetual license to the material submitted if and when it is posted. This license authorizes VPA to edit or otherwise alter the material as it sees fit. If a member wants to terminate the license, VPA will un-post it.

VPA will not post any submission of personal content ​if it includes names of specific companies, businesses, properties or individuals. Members are encouraged to use names that are made up and to avoid providing details that would enable the general reader to identify companies, businesses, properties, or individuals. ​

VPA will post publicly available content like books or articles if the Member has a license to have the material reposted. If not, VPA will typically post a link.

VPA does not accept any compensation for posting Member material. VPA does not compensate any Members for submitting material.

The editorial policy of VPA is to be penetrating but fair, satirical but positive, and if at all possible under today's circumstances, decent. Material that is derogatory, mean-spirited, unenlightened and/or in bad taste will not be posted.

VPA may take as long as 1 month to determine if a submission will be posted, and as long as 3 months to post it.



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ABOUT THE OFFICE: Anything that happens at the office is of interest to the Members. Whether you win or you lose, the battle makes no difference. If it can help others learn something more about how to manage their environment, then it is fair game.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Your experiences and your thoughts about managing in a large corporation are useful to others who are trying to get the job done under fire. If the CEO is nuts, the investors are deluded, someone's cooking the books, and so on. Fellow Members are experiencing these things. Show how you know what's happening, and what can be done about it.

ABOUT THE ECONOMY: Globalization? Innovation? Regulation? The Markets? Steel Industry? Big Oil? Big Pharma? Crypto Currencies? Hi-Tech? If you have an interesting or amusing insight, feel free to share--especially if professional economists won't get it!

NETWORKING: The corporate picnic? Cocktail parties? The box seats at sporting events? What may start out as a dazzling array of fabulous activities can turn into a phalanx of excruciating duties by the end of the first decade. Why is this?

PASTIMES: The best way to manage the daily office carnage is to build a base of invincible personal interests and activities. That way you always have a safe place to survey the field of battle. Based on your experience, what is the best way to stand back from it all, stay steady and strategize?

FAMILY: There are lots of reasons to be taking on the challenges you are taking on. Taking care of the family is right at the top, where it's been since the beginning of recorded history. How do you balance the time you spend with them and the time you spend managing business?

FRIENDS: Good ones are there when everything else is up in the air or down in the dumps. Which is, of course, why we always take them for granted. What makes a good friend at work, and how do you know? What do they do that clinches it?

INVESTMENTS: Yes, it's easier to make money if you already have it. But keeping up with the changes in the market is hard whether you already have it or trying to make it. What do you look for, and how do you keep it all from floating away?

TIME-OFF: Ok. There are times when you need to take time-off from everything. Sometimes this can be done with family or friends. Sometimes it can't. Do you hole up in a room? Do you travel? If so, where? Do you turn off electronics? Print résumés?

REAL ESTATE: Investing in one's personal residence is one of the biggest items in the personal budget. Real estate can also be a big part of one's investment portfolio. Either way, it can be the source of great joy or great sorrow. Send your best stories--or advice.

PEOPLE AT THE OFFICE: CEOs, bosses, colleagues and subordinates doing really stupid things personally and professionally. These can also be submitted for the development of new Awards or for election as Office All-Stars.

GETTING FIRED: For most managers this is a memorable experience. It is also an increasingly common experience since nowadays everyone--especially the hardest working and most competent--are eligible. We are looking for those stories that show the lay-off experience at its most unjust, senseless, and/or perverse.

vp anon


What VPA Is Looking For


BOOKS: Members may provide links to books involving business topics they consider relevant to other Members. It would be helpful to summarize the reasons why the books are relevant. Members may also submit their own books to the Website to be introduced to the membership. Introduction may be in the form of serialized chapters, or as an ad with a link, or just a link. Note that VPA has limited staff and that determining whether a manuscript will be advertised or serialized may take as much as 12 months.


STORIES: Personal stories should not exceed 2,500 words in length. As previously noted, there should be no real names of companies, etc. The Member should create names that suit th


AWARDS: If a Member has seen corporate behavior that has not been covered by the existing Awards for Notable Corporate Conduct, he/she should submit a description of that behavior. If possible, the submissions should also include recommendations for the name of the Award, the description of the behavior, the idea for what the Award should look like and pictures (cartoons, photos, etc.) of the kind of person that acts in the manner described. If the idea is selected, VPA will develop an Award that will be made available to the whole Membership.


OFFICE ALL-STARS HALL OF FAME: Has VPA overlooked a classic office specimen? Send us a description with pictures or photos of what the type of person looks like (preferably not the actual person), along with the things he/she actually says and does. VPA will do its best to develop an appropriate Office Dartboard.


COMMENTS: Feel free to comment on anything that is presented on the site. Comments should be no more than 250 words. Comments should also be amusing, although, it is also entirely appropriate to introduce the notion of fact and/or logic when called for.


ARTICLES: Members may provide links to articles associated with business subjects. It would be helpful to provide a brief explanation of why the article is relevant to the Membership. Members may also submit articles of their own.


VIDEOS AND GIFS: If you submit your own video or a video or movie clip that is accessed under the Creative Commons license, we can post it and archive it. If it is not yours or under the Creative Commons license we will not be able to post it. However, please send the link. VPA may choose to obtain a license for the website and post the video or simply post the link.


CASE STUDIES: Use the same format as the Case Studies in the Support Services Page. Maximum 2,500 words.


POEMS & SAYINGS: Members are encouraged to submit their own poems, sayings, and aphorisms concerning the VPA subjects. Members are also encouraged to send in poems or links to poems that they find relevant to the subjects noted above.


MOVIE & BOOK REVIEWS: Any book or movie relevant to the subjects above can be reviewed. Reviews are not to exceed 500 words. Please provide the date it was released and the company that produced the movie, and the author, date and publisher of the book.


PICTURES: Members are encouraged to submit their own pictures of the subjects above. They are also encouraged to submit pictures in the form of illustrations, paintings, photographs or other formats that have been produced by others. In submitting the pictures, they agree that they own the pictures or have rights under a license to them. If Members do not have such rights, they may send a link to the picture and VPA will determine whether rights can or should be purchased.


SONGS: Members are encouraged to submit their own songs of the subjects above. They are also encouraged to submit songs produced by others. In submitting the songs they agree that they own the songs or have rights under a license to them. If Members do not have such rights, they may send a link to the song.


OBITUARIES: Let's remember the people we've known who have made it possible to get the job done right. We are looking in particular for really good CEOs, but also for other senior executives, bosses, colleagues, and even subordinates who showed discipline, hard work, moral fortitude, and superior professional acumen. Absolutely OK to use real names as long as it is positive.


MEMORABILIA: Haven't seen the front page of an PIK Bond recently? How about key pages in the Personal Conduct Manual of the first company you worked for, the logo of a defunct company or the summary page of your company's 1995 strategic plan? The Letters from the Chairman in the Annual Report is always worth remembering, as is a product that really didn’t work, or the explanation of an accounting principle that covered a lot of naughty things. Please make sure that memorabilia is at least 15 years old and is not a part of any litigation. Also make sure that it is in the public domain. Simply send it in without comment. VPA will take it from there.